Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation founder, Paige Mycoskie, lent the inimitable 1970s vibe of her beloved California lifestyle brand to create an all-new 2017 Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation customized cruiser. The result was the perfect collaboration for the adventurous spirit wanting to get out and explore the world from a different vantage point.

The Customized Cruiser

The iconic Honda Rebel has been completely reimagined and redesigned as a 300 and 500 class cruiser. It’s a modern motorcycle with a classic and minimalist attitude, a perfect platform for customization, ready
for whatever their owners' imaginations have in store.


Custom Collab Gear

Shop Honda Rebel + Aviator Nation custom-designed gear. Each piece features the Honda vintage logo and trademark Aviator Nation style: natural stitching, worn-in feel and vintage essence. They look as good as they feel.


Honda Powersports

Aviator Nation